Week’s Tweets 2011-03-20

  • Which Traits Predict Success? (The Importance of Grit) | Wired Science | Wired.com – http://t.co/syOZX9n #
  • Beware! Speak Asia Online Pays Money For Filling Surveys – Legit or Scam? | Amit Agarwal – http://t.co/oo51qxf #
  • Donate to Red Cross or MSF but don’t donate money to Japan | Felix Salmon | http://reut.rs/i3ovNN #
  • Imagine if your ISP charged a fee on every email. Now imagine if financial payments attracted no fees | http://reut.rs/em7GIn #
  • Seems like something useful will finally come out of all that Google Wave work. Looks interesting http://t.co/q9IP3Fc #
  • "Erase all traces of my memory" directive to Facebook. EU to force social network sites to enhance privacy http://t.co/b0afuba via @guardian #
  • No-fly zones are for the birds | Roger Cohen – http://nyti.ms/gYMGQs #

1 Comment

  1. FirstBallSix says:

    “Erase all traces of my memory” directive to Facebook.” – soon they will know what movies you watched (netflix), where you paid for what (blippy), so basically u will do everything on facebook.

    Why do we share so much on facebook?


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