Nowadays I spend most of my time and energy on theatre. As Artistic Director of Bay Area Drama Company, I lead a South Asian theatre company here in the San Francisco Bay Area, that I co-founded in 2014.

Professionally, I serve on the boards of Coforge (NSE:COFORGE) and Provana. I have spent most of my career in Enterprise Technology and Services in leadership roles. Till 2013, I was the Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Infosys Limited. Between two stints and 13 years at Infosys, I co-founded and led Gridstone Research, a venture-funded startup that applied (what today would be called) AI to SEC filings of public companies. In 2011 I co-authored a book on the Indian Offshore Services industry that was published by Penguin India. My professional bio can be found here.

Why is the blog called 6 AM Pacific? Technology and globalization are the strongest undercurrents to business around the world. Experience taught me that 6 AM Pacific was the best time to do a conference call for a globally distributed team. I thought it would be a fitting name for a blog that deals with business and technology in this new global village. Over time the subjects covered have meandered and then stopped altogether.

I don’t actively blog any more. Maybe I should. I think people are getting tired of social media and there seems to be some reversion to mean. Maybe there is a future for long form writing. Medium, Substack… there are many new forms in which it might live on. In the meanwhile, this is more a record of my past writing. 

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