Week’s Tweets 2011-03-13

  • What ails Indian education | Miles To Go – | http://www.outlookindia.com | http://t.co/RO4RdLz #
  • Goody! “@RupaSubramanya: BBC World Service considers U-turn over Hindi cuts http://t.co/rE853u6” #
  • Fareed Zakaria on Getting Back to #1 yesterday – Change cannot happen without changing the politics in the US. CNN video not up yet. #
  • Server Attention Span | xkcd | http://bit.ly/fdXGyM #
  • NPR should cut loose from federal funding | The Economist http://t.co/dnklRwb via @theeconomist #
  • Apparently they had tapes too, not just phone records | Tapes Will Reveal Gupta Tipped Rajaratanam – CNBC – http://t.co/WqkwxPy #
  • Barnes & Noble cannot catch a break | ROI: The $200 Tablet Computer – WSJ.com – http://t.co/H99M8aF #
  • ditto “@vdehejia: Thanks to the NYT Google Chrome app, I've given up on most other newspapers. Sorry, folks. Time to get your act together.” #
  • Call center agents are your best marketing channel | ReadWriteWeb http://bit.ly/h19G5z #
  • Miami finally wins and a big one. This one was Wade's. #
  • NPR Chrome app – pretty, promising but buggy. Doesn't seem like its been tested at all. #npr #fb #

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