Week’s Tweets 2011-02-27

  • "Their inability to focus turned out to be a creative advantage." That's why I'm not paying attention when u r talking http://t.co/u9Axy6e #
  • Tricky Indian names | Razib Khan http://t.co/bVnso2D #
  • How can an unethical Indian press keep a dirty political class in check? http://t.co/tgjwD2f #
  • Willow TV World Cup Cricket "coming soon" on Apple TV and Wii – the two platforms at su casa. http://t.co/xfwzje8 #
  • Expressing your views on your own blog is giving way to doing that on Twitter and FB. True. | Blogs wane http://t.co/bCWVXRz #
  • Why do people put a link in the subject line? Maybe they haven't received an email with a link that isn't clickable. #
  • Some link love from GigaOm http://t.co/tu0NZVd for my post IBM's Watson – Welcoming our New Computer Overlord http://t.co/1SObc6V #
  • RIP Anant Pai. My children know Indian mythology because of ACK | Amar Chitra Katha creator dies at 81 – livemint.com http://bit.ly/eNWa4J #
  • NYT app for Chrome Web is a delight. #
  • Can we do away with passport sized photos already? Children's soccer is the last bastion of photo paper. #

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