Week’s Tweets 2011-02-20

  • Competitor extracts pricing and deal info from SuccessFactors posing as a fake business. Matter in courts. http://t.co/VS1QPJO #
  • J C Penney uses link farms to promote itself in search results? Wow! http://t.co/ioCuQfH #
  • "You must catch them. Merely because a person is in the Forbes list…does not matter." says Supreme Court of India http://t.co/3JYytuO #
  • Wall Street raises $IBM EPS consensus. Watson brings in $35,734 from first day of Jeopardy challenge http://t.co/e3qA40x #
  • Fascinating. A part of Monday's Jeopardy show had to be retaped. #Watson http://t.co/b31Aall #
  • Quora: Starbucks: What is the probability of getting the balance on your Starbucks car… Answer: http://qr.ae/wYud #
  • Zinc – cure for common cold. Isn't it surprising that no pharma company is behind the research. http://t.co/eElWVSP #
  • For a change no mention of offshore eating jobs | Andy Kessler : Is Your Job an Endangered Species? http://on.wsj.com/hwHT12 #
  • Who could argue with logic like this? Glenn Beck on Google | http://t.co/F9Rj3hu #
  • “If you fight with violence, you are fighting with your enemy’s best weapon…" Gandhi influences Egypt thru Gene Sharp http://t.co/P70CNME #
  • It requires immense resources of integrity and toughness to do what SEBI has done | Reliance ADAG consent order http://bit.ly/dWDhNw #
  • Rahman for another Oscar! | Dido and A.R. Rahman’s ‘If I Rise’ Video from 127 hours – WSJ http://on.wsj.com/hJVf2G #

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