Week’s Tweets 2011-02-13

  • Why is it baffling? | Surge of immigrants from India baffles border officials in Texas | http://t.co/vH7KLTo #
  • Hollywood stars doing more commercials that they used to. Easy money. Something Bollywood discovered long ago. | Adrian Brody for Artois #
  • An ethical view of offshore outsourcing – Doing the Outsourcing – NYTimes.com http://nyti.ms/eOBFXV #
  • Must read for IT Services | @rwang0 on How Indian Infotech Companies Can Lead Instead Of Follow http://t.co/meEdwIb via @Irregulars #
  • Heartfelt, inspiring | Egypt activist Wael Ghonim tells TV station: 'I am no hero' – video http://t.co/BXMSszW via @guardian #
  • Why is core inflation (without food and fuel) called "core"? It's not core at all. In India food and fuel are core. http://read.bi/hCrzMC #
  • Brilliant! | Change Is Good, But It’s Also Really Hard: Om Malik « http://bit.ly/eXB8I6 #
  • Switzerland immediately froze the assets of the former president. (Mubarak) Can you do that? How about for Indian pols? http://bit.ly/gtZcP3 #
  • Egyptian revolution. 18 days of ~ non-violent protests. Gandhi would have been proud. I hope US quickly restores cred with Egyptian people #
  • “We don’t make money off the customers mistakes, which is the way it should be,” #BankSimple http://bit.ly/fPqcW3 #
  • After kissing everybody in Tahrir Sq Egyptians stay home with the flu for next 4 days. Army plot successful. #
  • “I personally take responsibility,” says Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon. You'd want to to hear this from more CEOs, no? http://nyti.ms/hHlI0T #

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