Week’s Tweets 2011-02-06

  • They have one strategic consideration and that's Israel. | Egypt's revolution is sweet and peaceful | Comment is Free http://bit.ly/i4j9il #
  • Remember the plastic cover in tatters on your Dad's Vespa that he wouldn't remove? | The iPhone ‘Condom’ Debate – http://nyti.ms/h7Iwiw #
  • The only known case where SMS spam has benefitted humanity | Dumb Luck – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan http://bit.ly/gtb3Id #
  • IIM Ahmedabad ranked 11th! That's amazing! Financial Times – Global MBA Rankings 2011 http://bit.ly/fWkGsS #
  • So say we all! | Of Egyptian Protests and Admiral Adama http://t.co/ewlP8SI via @gizmodo #
  • CNN/CNBC talking Halle Berry's custody fight. Al Jazeera Live is crashing on OS X. CNBC anchor called Mubarak Musharraf. 😦 #WeWantOurAJE #
  • You can't stop a man who has something to say | Official Google Blog: http://bit.ly/ekhi3r #
  • US should start turning the screws on the military | Egypt Endgame | Marc Lynch http://bit.ly/guPlto #
  • Sniff, sniff. Smells like Microsoft | Apple Would Be Crazy to Block Use of Outside Content: Gigaom « http://bit.ly/idfjHw #
  • Jains 1% of India, contrib 24% of taxes » {Brown Pundits} Jains and wealth http://bit.ly/eqmn5u #

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