Week’s Tweets 2011-01-30

  • This is what would happen to me if someone called and offered me the award of a lifetime. http://t.co/ee0X60A #
  • DNA Blogs – Abhay Vaidya – Why politicians build education trusts, not rural hospitals http://bit.ly/eh6BAP #
  • “@jonahlehrer: Where have all the geniuses gone? http://t.co/jcWr3oB” Collaboration is no longer an option. #
  • If I Rise is quite good | Bollywood's A.R. Rahman nominated for two Oscars – The Bollywood Ticket http://bit.ly/guvXH9 #
  • IIM Ahmedabad ranked 85, only B School in India on the list | Economist | 2010 Full time MBA ranking http://econ.st/hbTlZP #
  • Now to go and post this on Facebook | Facebook is for the herd | Gene Expression http://bit.ly/hG30Ik #
  • Apart from some institutionalized affirmative action admission to IITs is similar | Why Caltech Is in a Class by Itself http://bit.ly/hLhMG5 #
  • Hawaii attempts to balance budget by fee on crazy people | AP: HI bill would give anyone Obama birth info for fee http://bit.ly/hIOxMs #
  • Really! China is blocking searches on Egypt on microblogging sites | Al Jazeera English: http://bit.ly/gqIwPY #

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