Week’s Tweets 2011-01-16

  • a historic day for the burgeoning Indian aerospace industry and military aviation http://bit.ly/g7mACv #
  • iGate acquires Patni http://on.wsj.com/gPYxLC #
  • Notion Ink, Bangalore has a Tablet in the works with both bright LCD and e-ink modes. See video on GigaOm from 9:30 « http://bit.ly/i4SxLS #
  • The Android Market can’t be searched from a computer at all. I never understood why. I guess nobody does http://nyti.ms/eHMWd9 #
  • women express & reveal more race consciousness than men when it comes dating & mating http://bit.ly/g8dnVn #
  • The rhetoric in this country is getting too ugly. One or two spaces after a period: By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine http://slate.me/eRBcts #
  • In age of much inconsequential tweeting, remember yogis of yore: Sit still, so still that a bird can land on your head.http://nyti.ms/fXeUYy #

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