Week’s Tweets 2010-12-26

  • US Census 2010 data is being released. This is the first time Asian-Indian was included as a race in the census form http://skit.ch/bb4s #
  • "Outsourcing" vs "Reengineering" Outsourcing wins! Reengineering is past its prime | Google Ngram Viewer http://t.co/hoOnRC5 #
  • A Holiday Message from Ricky Gervais: Why I'm An Atheist – Speakeasy – WSJ http://on.wsj.com/hDRyHn #
  • economic times website starts video ads as soon as you land on a page. With audio on! Fewer reasons to go to the website. #
  • Will GoogleVoice transcribe desi voices now?RT @labnol: Indian Accents and Google Voice Search http://youtu.be/i-k6aHMLdPc – Thanks @ankitv #
  • Someone Is Trading Stocks Based on Your Tweets http://bit.ly/epjrbU #
  • Why politics in India is dynastic – two words 'numbered accounts' | Indian Express http://bit.ly/hLgAoo #
  • There is insight in social media data. But is it tradable? | Felix Salman |Using Twitter to predict stock moves http://reut.rs/hl80dh #

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