Week’s Tweets 2010-11-21

  • Friend Arvind Sahay at IIM A awarded the Devang Mehta Award for the Best Business Professor in Marketing Management in India. Congrats! #
  • That's it? A $4B scam and he just walks away? | The Hindu : Communications Minister Raja resigns http://bit.ly/bA3lOn #
  • US senate tooRT @felixsalmon: Mortgage interest deduction is QWERTY keyboard of US taxes. Proved ineffective, but impossible to scrap. #
  • 2G scam is worth $40B not $4B. Don't try 1.76 lakh crores in US$ in your head! I support a move from crores to millions http://bit.ly/cCnUSZ #
  • Looking forward to the Russell Peters show in San Jose tonight. http://bit.ly/llabd #
  • Great charts! | Ezra Klein – Who does the mortgage-interest deduction benefit? http://wapo.st/d11rw2 #
  • Too late. I'm sticking with Android now | Google Voice for iPhone on the iTunes App Store http://bit.ly/bjelVK #
  • I wonder if Gandhi would have approved of this form of warfare | Worm Was Perfect for Sabotaging Centrifuges | http://nyti.ms/cAlm1W #


  1. Girish says:

    Regarding”■That’s it? A $4B scam and he just walks away? “… it’s not $4B, rather $40B scam.


    1. Basab says:

      Girish – I did correct that in a subsequent tweet. See above.


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