Week’s Tweets 2010-11-14

  • Interesting and important reading for MBAs | FT.com | The narcissistic world of the MBA student http://bit.ly/dovrwR #
  • If you are at a services company with access restrictions | Browse the Web with your Email Address | Amit Agarwal http://bit.ly/dxL5ke #
  • Change your b'date on Facebook to 1/1/01 to avoid the trouble of responding to bday wishes or the onus of wishing other people. #antisocial #
  • Google stick with it! We need unlocked phones | Nexus S | GigaOm « http://bit.ly/cCdSmH #
  • “the business case for electric vehicles is pretty good” Ray Lane | GE orders 25,000 EVs from GM http://bit.ly/d4SICJ #
  • By an engineer, in bullet points | The Pros and Cons of Moving from US to India http://bit.ly/cRbBnN #


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