Week’s Tweets 2010-11-14

  • Interesting and important reading for MBAs | FT.com | The narcissistic world of the MBA student http://bit.ly/dovrwR #
  • If you are at a services company with access restrictions | Browse the Web with your Email Address | Amit Agarwal http://bit.ly/dxL5ke #
  • Change your b'date on Facebook to 1/1/01 to avoid the trouble of responding to bday wishes or the onus of wishing other people. #antisocial #
  • Google stick with it! We need unlocked phones | Nexus S | GigaOm « http://bit.ly/cCdSmH #
  • “the business case for electric vehicles is pretty good” Ray Lane | GE orders 25,000 EVs from GM http://bit.ly/d4SICJ #
  • By an engineer, in bullet points | The Pros and Cons of Moving from US to India http://bit.ly/cRbBnN #


  1. Abhishek says:

    Is there any way to decrypt bitly urls before clicking to see whether they they point to some restricted sites or not?


    1. Tweetdeck does that. On hover, you get the original url in the tool tip. I am not aware of anything that will enable that on a WordPress website.


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