Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • Wells fargo just declined a cc auth for me in India. Again. Anyone know a visa card that won't automatically get declined in India? #
  • into 140 chars. <end of test> (3/3) #
  • I'm trying out a a new service from Digital Inspiration which automatically splits a long tweet into multiple tweets. I .. (1/3) #
  • ..never really figured how to write briefly. My blog posts are like essays. Naturally, the tweets too need a lot of work to .. (2/3) #
  • Best advice on enterprise sales I've read in a long time. Startup Strategies: You Can’t Grow Without Process via @gigaom #
  • Grandparents setting off firecrackers inside their flat in India for our kids benefit on Skype. #
  • Actually just a phooljhadi. Good thing no smoke alarm. #
  • American politics taking their cues from unnamed sources in Indian press. Funny. | #
  • Just installed Office for Mac. Next day macbook crashes. Needed a hard reboot. Everything slows down when Office app is open. #

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