Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • Agree or not with this, the American political system cannot produce such decisive action on divisive issues. #
  • Japan's NTT Data to buy Keane for $ 1.23B #
  • NYT reports on recent research trends on Persistent Poverty. Translates well to India #
  • Morality is older than humanity. we do not need God to explain morality. But we can't excise religion from society #
  • Amazon beats expectations. In spite of running huge losses on my A-Prime account. Wife has a box at doorstep every day #
  • Wehn yuo cnnaot raed, noe hruendd ftory ccrhaetars mean noinhtg. Hlep ptoorme goalbl latceriy: #
  • "if the exam is based on rote learning, coaching classes will concentrate on that." JEE didn't used to be like that #

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