Indian Traffic – An Illustrated Guide

You break it, you buy the farm

Breaking these rules have a high probability of death or serious injury to self or car

1/ Stop at a red light, especially when there is cross traffic.

Dangerous, but it will never happen to me

Breaking these rules can cause death or serious injury but the event carries a low probability

2/ Wearing a seat belt in the front seat
3/ Not driving on the wrong side of a divided highway even if the U turn is more than 20 m. away

Dangerous to others (but not to self, although a car wash may be necessary)

4/ Stopping at Stop signs
5/ Stopping at pedestrian crossings (instead of speeding up) even when some pedestrians start sprinting across

Who’s going to catch me?

Pesky rules that are unnecessary. Break them if you can get away with it.

6/ Not using your cellphone without handsfree, especially when a cop is present.

These rules are a nuisance! (thank God there is no enforcement!)

7/ Using your horn only when necessary

Much of Driver Behaviour is not governed by Traffic Rules. But even there there is behavior that is rational, and behavior that is not.

8/ Praying to the gods to keep you safe before (or while) breaking rules 2 to 6.
9/ Leaning on your horn a few seconds before the light turns green.

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  1. Sudip says:

    On a serious note, these are my observations after returning back last year:

    1. People believe that they will LIVE. Crossing the road and just using their hand as a signal to STOP the coming traffic. Inviting death.

    2. Existing laws: Rs 100 (approx. $2) fine for parking in a No Parking area. No implication on driver, the car gets registered for violating the law. You sell the car, the violation gets transferred. If you have a meeting, and the next available parking spot is 2 blocks and charges you Rs 30/hr, you would rather park it just under the building and pay 100, that is if you get caught. The fine needs to be increased multiple fold for people to think twice before they park where they feel like.


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