Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • Naren Pradhan's experience with an Olive Ridley turtle | Karuna’s Story « #
  • Aliens' deduction from watching Hollywood movies – Computer mkt share on earth: Apple 95%, Minority Report style computers 4%, Windows 1% #
  • Yipee! | Facebook Gains an Android Facelift #
  • Matthew Yglesias » Hard to Avoid Boosting Outsourcing #
  • The original Fanta was a Nazi product. #
  • Technology that doesn't travel well: Proximity sensors on a Mercedes in Indian traffic. #
  • RT @newsweek Fareed Zakaria: Build the Ground Zero Mosque – Newsweek #

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  1. aion bots says:

    Enjoyed reading this post, thanks a ton.


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