Conference: The Future of Offshore

I am helping BRICS Securities organize a conference that we are calling “The Future of Offshore”. The mini-conference is on August 13 at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. More details here.

It all started when Anand Tandon, Head of Equities at BRICS said that he wanted to do an investor conference for the IT industry, but do something different. There are many investor conferences for the IT Services sector anyway, but they all have similar formats which revolve around presentations by public companies on their prospects. There was a need to do something that looked at the industry as a whole – issues, challenges – and peer into the not so immediate future. He asked if I could help and I jumped at the opportunity.

As a result we have a conference which will address, what I think are, the seminal issues facing the industry today. The speakers are leaders of companies that represent different segments of the industry. I am quite excited about it.

The conference is an investor conference but if you are a C-level executive at an IT-BPO company, or in the Pvt. Equity industry and would like to attend, please drop me a note or ping BRICS Securities.

Besides Mumbai I am visiting other cities as well to do some primary research for my forthcoming book on the Offshore industry. So if you have something that might be interesting for the book, I’d love to meet for coffee. My itinerary is:

Chennai Aug 5-8
Bangalore Aug 9-12
Mumbai Aug 13-16
Bhubaneswar Aug 17-21

By the way, the survey is going great guns. It’s just a few minutes. I hope you’ll take the time.


  1. Swapnil Nadkar says:

    Basab, you may want to visit Ahmedabad as well. I run a healthcare outsourcing firm here and I see plenty of activity in the offshoring space. Ahmedabad will also be a good excuse for you to catch up at IIMA.


  2. Not this time, Swapnil.


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