Time for a Reader Survey

Why is it time for a reader survey? I don’t know. But it sure has been a long time since I did one, which is never.

This is the 5th year of this blog. If you look at the archive, the first post dates back to January 2006. I have enjoyed it immensely and have found it very rewarding. I hope you have too.

I have always maintained that I write for myself. I write because I feel like writing. Consequently, the way I write and what I write about are entirely driven by what’s going on with me – what I am reading, my interests professionally and personally and whether I feel like writing or not.

But that is partly disingenuous. I also write because people read what I write. Just as it is important to a thespian that the theater be full for his performance, readers are important for a writer. A rant is not fun if nobody’s listening.

Which brings me to the survey. I have never tried to understand my readers better (other than what Google Analytics tells me). I’d like to know my readers better and get some feedback. Ergo, the survey.

It’s short. It’s sweet. And it’s here. I promise to share the results after I close the survey.

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