Europe is Getting Less Secular

The latest flap over halal meat served in a restaurant in France

A French fast food chain’s decision to serve only halal meat in eight restaurants with a strong Muslim clientele has sparked a wave of criticism from politicians decrying the step as unacceptable.

Quick, the restaurant chain, is also not serving any pork products in these restaurants.

Right wing politicians are making hay out of the incident. But to anybody not blinkered by religious prejudice, there is absolutely no logical argument that you can make against Quick’s decision. Quick is free to tailor their product to suit individual or group preferences. Customers who don’t like halal meat, even though it tastes identical, are free to go elsewhere for their meals. Customers who would like pork in their meals could also follow suit.

I would spend a little more time on searching for a grain of logic in the arguments of the critics, but that would be a waste of time. What is clearly happening is that Europe is seeing growing pressure against its secular principles. Switzerland’s minaret ban vote is another case in point. France itself is pretty close to banning the burqa, which I have to admit is not as illogical as the tirade against halal only restaurants, but is fueled largely by political calculations and an anti-minority sentiment.

When jobs are scarce, people turn against immigrants. Most of the Muslims in Europe are immigrants from North Africa or South Asia. Add that to the fact that some people can’t separate terrorists from the religion itself and you have a situation ripe for exploitation by politicians like Jean-Marie Le Pen.

This movie still has a few reels left.


  1. Maneesh says:

    Just came across this video

    It claims that in next 2-3 decades, most of European countries will have a dominant muslim population. Reasons – immigration and high reproduction rate. Some of the facts are sensational..but worth watching.

    So may be there are good reasons for Europe to become less secular.


  2. swati says:

    go to certain parts of mumbai and u'll find not a single rest. having non-veg food on the menu becoz. the local pop is mainly gujju/madu. Why even sunil shetty the actor had to convert his bar into a veg diner . the 1st little italy rest to be totally veg. similarly, u will be hardpressed to find any veg food in khao galli . a storm in a teacup aint it ?


  3. Varun says:

    I am a big fan of your writing and analysis. However, when it came to Religion or Healthcare, lack of knowledge or emotions.. made the posts off the center.
    Since long I wanted to write this comment but did not find a pointer to lead the comment further. I found it now: Request you to please read this post:…. It's written by an very down to earth person. Please go through un-tampered history, analyse and make your own judgement.
    Also commenting on: 'Hinduism and Evolution'
    The science of spirituality is about growth of individual to highest efficiency. This science is universal but complex for common man to understand. Hence, it is translated in form of religion. Different religions are/were suitable for that particular time and that particular environment/geography. But in essence, it is same science at the root. Rituals and Rules are the processes defined by religion in order to aid growth. In modern days, most of them are out dated or not properly performed, hence not yielding. However, if one understands and follows the essence, all issues can be Healed.
    Forgive me for writing a long in-your-face comment, but my intentions are honest.
    If the second part interests you, I will be happy to give you further pointers (No,No, no spiritual group and all that).


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