Chilka Lake Photos

Over my winter vacation trip to India we visited Chilka Lake. It’s India’s largest salt water lake and home to many migratory birds. Beautiful place. Unfortunately not very well developed for tourism (or fortunately, depending upon your perspective). Some photos follow. If anyone knows what that beautiful moth is called please leave a comment.






  1. Sachin Dole says:

    Great Photos! What camera and lens did you use?


  2. Basab says:

    Sachin, I am embarrassed to say that I use a simple Canon A80 with no external lenses. Haven’t graduated from the autofocus variety.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    This might be a Comet tail moth. having never seen one in person and not being able to find a photo as good as yours for comparison I am not positive but it does seem to fit.


  4. Vinayaka Shenai says:


    Great composition. You can do wonders with a SLR. Deviating a little from the subject. Despite India being rich in tourism why has it not caught on like in the US. We can make a one of one comparison with the places in the US, Hawaii-Lakshadweek, Florida-Goa, KeyWest-Kanyakumari, Rockies-ManasSarovar and all those monuments of the bygone era. Good roads/connectivity a.k.a freeways or lack of drive to promote these places. Food for thought.


  5. rambhai says:

    wow wat a beautifull butterfly~~~wats your camera like??


  6. Suvendu says:

    Great pics Basab! The first look protrays a “Raghu Rai” ensemble on great Lake Chilka. Chilka has been suffering due to lack of tourism promotion, poor infrastructure, poor administrative foresight and I believe somebody should analyse the potential of this great place in Orissa and promote tourism. It’s only private sector which can, has little faith on Govt.


  7. sushmee says:

    nice pics i must say…
    next time u happen to visit orissa,find some time to visit the gopalpur seabeach…
    i m sure u will love with da place


  8. risk says:

    Chilka Lake (also Chilika Lake) is a brackish water coastal lake in India’s Orissa

    state, south of the mouth of the Mahanadi River. It is the largest coastal lake in

    India. The lake was formed due to the silting action of the Mahanadi River, The

    area of the lake varies from 1165 km² in the monsoon season to 906 km² in the

    dry season, and is studded with numerous small islands. This wildlife sanctuary

    is ideal for wildlife tours and bird watching tours during the winter months.
    Please Visit For More Detail


  9. sidhant says:

    nice snaps…… balugaon,chilka lake
    as my native place, thank you for publishing such type of snaps..
    i want make this place a international tourist spot in the world.


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