The Perfect Notebook

Rubberband NotebookOne of the few old world habits that I stubbornly stick with is writing with a fountain pen. I don’t write nearly as much as I type, but when I do, l like the feel of a good ink nib against paper. It helps me think better, or so it seems.

When writing with a fountain pen, the kind of paper you write on is very important. It has to be of a certain quality, otherwise the nib snags or the ink blots. I don’t believe you are supposed to write on both sides of the paper, but I do. So for me, the thickness and quality of the paper is even more important.

I do most of my writing when I am traveling – in meetings, on planes, on phone calls – whenever it is inconvenient to fire up the old laptop. So I need a light notebook.

Unfortunately, you don’t get light notebooks with high quality paper. I have tried Moleskine. Very high quality paper. Looks good. But with 192 pages and a hard bound cover, it adds many ounces to my already heavy laptop bag.

Last week I was in Mumbai. Before lunch with a friend we had some time and stepped into Rhythm House, a favourite haunt of ours when my wife and I lived in the city. I saw some notebooks on display. Most of them were thick with colored paper which weren’t interesting to me.

Then I saw this slim notebook, just 80 pages, with a cover that was made of craft paper. Good quality Very simply designed but with just a few stylistic touches to make it stand out. The price at Rs. 80 is a steal compared to the Moleskine prices.

I bought a notebook. The product is from Rubberband Products. There is a design studio, Ajay Shah Design Studio, behind it. Goes to show that good design can breath life into every day products that are almost commodities.

Now I’m in Chennai. I wish they had an outlet here. I would have stocked up before I left for the US.


  1. Kannan says:

    Nightingale notebooks from this company is famous in South India. I like them.


  2. Kannan says:

    If you ask for Nightingale note books; you will get it in most of the book shops in Chennai.


  3. Shefaly says:

    Basab: This post made me laugh out loud. Yes, it is something you said. I too seek out pretty but sturdy notebooks for writing all the time. And when I find them, I buy them in large numbers. Some friends have now taken it upon themselves to buy such notebooks for me so now I seem to have supplies for a couple years (I write a lot on paper). I used to think my predilection weird but now I know I am in good company! Long live paper, pencils and fountain pens and their patrons, I say. Happy New Year.


  4. Suruchi says:

    I completely agree with you on the likeness of rubberband to moleskine.. was trying to replace my moleskine by purchasing the rubberband book online.. when I came across your article šŸ™‚


  5. paul sandip says:

    I have heard about this notebook…but haven’t seen it yet.
    Sounds interesting to me…


  6. Ashish Batra says:

    At one time, our company was manufacturing Moleskin Notebooks for a company in Italy named Modo and Modo.
    I still have some stocks left, In case someone needs these books, Please let me know at


  7. Tamil says:

    You are right. I have been using the 80 page notebook for a year now. My search stopped when I found this product. In Bangalore many shops seem to carry them nowadays (landmark, crossword, staples, etc).


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