My 2008 Wish “Less”

A very happy new year to all my readers. May you and your loved ones have a joyful 2008.

Wish lists are neat things. Unlike new year resolutions, they involve no effort on your part. And unlike predictions for the new year, you can’t be wrong about them. So I thought I would draw up a wish list and share it with my readers. Perhaps they could then add their own candidates for the wish list and then we could have a reality TV show where people from around India SMS (at premium rates) their wish list candidates and a panel of distinguished judges help us short list ten WLCs (Wish List Candidates) which we then take to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who tells us that he can do nothing about them unless Prakash Karat and Sonia Gandhi agree on each one of them.

Seemed like an exercise in futility so I decided not to do a wish list. Instead here is a “Wish Less”. It is based upon the premise that we already have too much of everything.

So here goes, in alphabetical order. I wish that in 2008 there was less of (or fewer):

  • 24 hour news channels.
  • Amitabh Bachhan ads.
  • Awards for Dhoni.
  • Business jargon. Particularly “Verbizing” which to the uninitiated is to take a noun and make it into a verb, sometimes, when a perfectly good verb exists. For example “Actionize” instead of “Act”.
  • Celebutantes who are famous for being famous.
  • Cold days in the Bay Area summer.
  • Corn based ethanol.
  • Corrupt politicians.
  • Dhoom sequels.
  • Indians talking about real estate prices.
  • Personalities on TV who talk a lot but say nothing.
  • New Year greetings emailed to distribution lists. Too late for this one. Take under advisement for next year’s Wish Less.
  • New Year greetings SMSed to distribution lists. See above.
  • People talking about how much money other people are making.
  • Price of gasoline.
  • Reality TV.
  • Religion in politics.
  • Salman Khan movies.
  • Skepticism about the quality of ‘Made in India’.
  • Spam.
  • Stress about your kids’ college.
  • Sub-prime writedowns.
  • Traffic jams on Indian roads. If that is impossible, can they at least honk less?
  • Votes for the Republican presidential candidate. Unless its Ron Paul. Which ain’t gonna happen.
  • Wars.
  • Web 2.0 hype.
  • If you have your own Wish Less, do share it with us in the comments.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Mohan says:

      Great list Basab.
      The techie in me coulsn’t agree more with you on the “Web 2.0 hype.”


    2. Krishna says:

      Here’s my five paise 🙂

      – Jokes like new attempts to ban insider trading; (it’s just enterprise, stupid!)

      – Enterprise software vendors gouging customers with high cost software even after several years of amortization;

      – Equity analysts morphing into technologists, domain specialists, economists and Jesus H Christ all rolled into one;

      – Outpouring of media coverage of new found piety and charitableness of bollywood stars as soon as they are convicted for mowing down people, stocking up on AK-47 and grenades;

      – awarding titles like Miss Universe, Miss World for anemic beauty contestants for mouthing platitudes over their oneness with noble causes only to kick them as soon as they get the title.


    3. Biju says:

      Good One Basab..I guess you could add the nascent Web 3.0 to your list..


    4. Vithal says:

      Less of pessimistic analyst reports foretelling the downfall of the great indian IT sector, with a strengthening rupee


    5. Serendipity says:

      Cricket…How can anybody forget cricket…

      India is planning to play about 15 ODI’s in Australia(ie if the tour goes on)

      a lil less cricket.


    6. Ravi says:

      “Business jargon. Particularly “Verbizing” which to the uninitiated is to take a noun and make it into a verb, sometimes, when a perfectly good verb exists. For example “Actionize” instead of “Act”.”

      Couldn’t agree more. My pet-hates are these 2 words
      Leverage – “leverage technology to maximise sales”
      Revert – “Please revert when you get time”

      “Synergy” comes a close second


    7. Suvendu says:

      I vouch for less blogging please- the ones which are written to show criticism, communalism, Laluism, Yuvism (Yuvraj Singh), SRKism, but let there be more Basabism- the more realistic ones :):)


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