Gridstone Excel Add-in

We just released a very important product – an Excel Add-in that allows Analysts to pull in our rich data directly into their spreadsheets. Excel is very central to the work flow of our users. We think that this is probably the easiest-to-use Excel Add-in in the Financial Information business.

I whipped up a Slidecast about it. Even if you are not connected to the Financial world, take a look at it. I think it is effective and I spent about a day on it and that too because I tried many different approaches until I hit my stride. Feedback is welcome. If you’re interested in the tools I used, leave a comment.


  1. Rah says:

    Cool stuff. Curious to know which versions of excel does it support? And if you don’t mind, how much effort went into developing this?



  2. Basab says:

    It supports Office 07 and 03. Development effort was about 30 person-months.


  3. Really cool. The auto-correct suggestion about taxonomy of line items for different co.s is a nice and useful feature.


  4. Akshat says:

    That’s neat. I really liked the “View Source Information” part. I’m sure this would be very useful for the analysts out there.

    Good Luck to you guys!


  5. Priyank says:

    Hi Basab,

    Please send the add-on.



  6. Muthu says:

    Hi Basab,
    This is really cool stuff. The metrics that you obtain from this will find ready application in a hedge fund’s quant model or in at least a regression analysis in addition to all the credit & equity analysis. Are you also looking at expanding the universe to include economic reports, M & A related filings. This would be very useful information. The risk arb desks will find this very useful.

    Way back during my summers at an investment bank, we wrote Visual Basic Scripts to get specific information based on “word patterns” that we used for modelling for prop desks.



  7. Basab says:


    Thanks. We cover M&A related filings already. Economic data – not yet. Current focus is on SEC filings and company press releases.

    The word patterns that you leveraged in your summer job are precisely what we leverage with our technology and methods.


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