6 AM Pacific, this blog, got some ink on Andrew Leonard in his blog about globalization, ‘How the World Works’ calls the post Imperial conference calls

He says –

Six a.m. Pacific might be the best time for a global conference call because everyone, everywhere that counts, is theoretically awake at that time, but there’s little question whom that time is really best for. The early bird gets the globalization worm. The sun sets on global conference calls, but it rises in Silicon Valley. For the moment.

You don’t need a subscription to see the full article. It’ll want you to watch an ad, which you can abort and move ahead by clicking on ‘Go to’. is a critically acclaimed online magazine and I appreciate the coverage, but it has has had one downside. It has brought the blog to the attention of ‘comment spammers’ and I am having a hard time keeping the blog comments from becoming rated R. Thanks anyhow Mr. Leonard!


  1. Viral says:

    congrats Basab.


  2. Jigar Jobanputra says:

    I discovered your blog and have been readin it for almost a month now. I find it insightful.
    Would you mind if I have a link to it on my blog where I have other daily reads?

    By the way I too am an ex Infoscion 🙂



  3. Basab says:


    Be my guest.


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