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If you are reading this post, you have found your way to the new home of my blog So far I have been using Typepad’s service which has worked well for my early needs. But now that I have been blogging for a few months, I want to try out some things that Typepad, or any other consumer oriented service doesn’t offer.

My new blog runs on a customized installation of WordPress. WordPress is an open source blogging software. You can also get a hosted service from, but one that is a little limiting like Typepad’s service. I plan to customize WordPress to offer some new features and a slicker look in the future, but currently I’ve got it working well enough that I felt I could transition my readers to the new blogsite.

As I move the blogsite, this is also a good time to thank my readers. Thank you, you make writing worthwhile.

I blog because I like to write. I started writing for Economic Times and then for Rediff for a while when I was at Infosys, but it didn’t quite work for me. I was also a little constrained in what I could write about, being an exec at Infosys.
Blogging was like it was tailor made especially for me. I love writing and hearing back from intelligent, informed people – people like you. My own blog gives me the freedom to write about a broad spectrum of issues and the flexibility to write when I can. Getting time to blog is always a problem.

Making time is a big problem. I am the CEO at Gridstone Research, a startup, and we are getting ready to launch our product. I am not supposed to have the time to write. But every weekend, I try my best to post something or the other. I know that’s generally not considered enough, but that’s as much as I can write.
Another way I manage to not get sucked into blogging is by not responding to comments. And in not doing so I know I am breaking every norm of blogging. The ability to have a conversation is what makes blogging so wonderful, but I have had to draw the line somewhere.

The subjects I write about span a wide spectrum. Business, Technology, Startups, Economics – in the past 9 months I have written about varied subjects. But in general I write about things that are relevant to my core audience that is Indian or of Indian origin. A few weeks ago I wrote about KANK which tells you how far I will reach to pick a topic.

So there, that’s blogger Basab for you. I’d love to get feedback. What subjects do you like to read my blog for? Apart from the movie reviews, that is!. Feedback on the new blogsite would also be useful. Or, really on any other thing.


  1. Varun Dabke says:

    No direct click-link to new blogsite from the old one.
    You made us type it, and remember it 🙂


  2. Basab says:

    thanks Varun. Took care of it.


  3. Neo says:

    Have been a loyalist to your blog.
    Great to find ur blog at a new address.
    Will look forward to more …


  4. hi basab

    the new look is cool

    all the best fro ur experiments with wordpress.

    Did u do the (current) customizations to wordpress urself ??



  5. mahen says:

    I dont know how I got to know you. Probably thru some blogs. It’s been few months now. I have been reading your posts. Unlike my posts in my blog, your posts talk business and make some sense too in its own way :). Looking forward to more sense.


  6. Basab says:

    Ashish, the WordPress theme is by Kaushal Sheth. Credits are at the bottom of the page.


  7. Aditya says:


    I was following your blog from quite a long time. Now i and friends have started a new blog would like you and readers to take a chance to visit and comment about us –



  8. Hi Basab,

    I’ve been following your blog, which I chanced upon unexpectedly, for a long time. I’ve read about your high profile career at Infosys in various mags and media. Am happy that you’ve become an entrepreneur and all the best for your new firm.

    You have quality blogging content, and am looking forward to more of your business insights in the coming days.

    Personally, would like to see you sharing more of your braoder business experience than bollywood stuff


  9. Rajesh Kumar says:


    I would be honest. This new look thing still looks like work in progress.An apartment where residents have moved in but some bit of plumbing is still pending. What are those redundant links on top doing – Home, Page 1, Page 2 & Page 3?

    Best Regards


  10. Basab says:


    It is definitely work in process. However, your comment got me to go dive into the code. With absolutely no working knowledge of PHP that was dangerous, but I managed to comment out the code for the Page tabs.


  11. chaitanya says:

    Hi Basab

    I am Chaitanya working for Infosys as a Software Engineer.I am a follower of high profile executives like you because I always dream to be one.I wish your blog to have more business related information than to movie reviews and other crap.

    Thanks and best regards,


  12. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


  13. umang says:

    hi ,basab sir
    hows you, i know life is busy at grid.
    i had written an article on u.s recession on 6ampacific. is it that u dont find worth replying or its just scarcity of time ..?
    please let me know your views
    i will be glad if u could correct me,on some of my views which i do not expect to be flawless.
    Thanks & regards,


  14. basab says:

    Umang, I am not an economist and so I can’t comment on your views, but I would say that most commentators think there is going to be a recession.


  15. umang says:

    wel sir, same here..even i am not a economist
    but you being a ceo, of an equity research entity, i did expect u to take a stand,either way
    it was just one of the topics on which,we can have an endless debate if opinons differ.just wanted to share some views and ideas and not arrive at conclusions.
    anyways your answer makes me feel.. that either u dont have time or u were irritated by my comments and views
    anyways cheers ..and merry x-mas


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