Basab__thumbnailI am currently working on a few projects as I look for my next gig. I have spent most of my career in Enterprise Technology in leadership roles. Till recently, I was the Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Infosys (NYSE:INFY). Between two stints at Infosys, I co-founded and led Gridstone Research, a venture-funded startup. My professional bio is available here.

I co-authored a book on the Indian Offshore Services industry in 2011. It was published by Penguin in India and is available on Amazon.com elsewhere.

I grew up and went to college (IIT Kanpur) and business school (IIM Ahmedabad) in India. I now live in Fremont, California.

Why is the blog called 6 AM Pacific? Technology and globalization are the strongest undercurrents to business around the world. 6 AM Pacific is the best time to do a conference call if you have a globally distributed team. I thought it would be a fitting name for a blog that deals with business and technology in this new global village. Over time the subjects covered in the posts have meandered as my interests have changed and widened. Writing is my way of thinking deeper, putting structure into an idea. But of course, like any writer, being read is the reward.

I also blog at Enterprise Irregulars, but I always cross post here.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn as well.