Offshore: The Book is Out

My book on the offshore services industry, co-authored with Gaurav Rastogi, is now out in both print and Kindle versions.

In India a print version of the book, published by Penguin, is available in major bookstores and online at Flipkart. In India the book is called Offshore: How India got back on the Global Business Map.

Outside India the Kindle version of the same book, but with a different sub-title, is available from the Kindle website. Offshore: India’s Services Juggernaut

The Facebook page for the book can be found here.


  1. Sid says:

    It is interesting to note that the book cover shows a tide or wave moving East.


  2. Hi Basab,
    The book doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon, neither the print nor the Kindle version. Any idea when the Kindle version will become available there?


    1. @Prestidigitator did you click on the link in the post above? It takes you to the Kindle book. The On Demand version should be out shortly as well on Amazon.


  3. Prestidigitator says:

    @Basab Thanks. The Kindle book is actually not available as yet on Amazon for some reason, but I managed to get hold of a printed version.


    1. Actually, the Kindle book is not available for download from India. Copyright issues.

      Glad you could hold of a printed copy.


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