New Look for the Blog

As you will notice, 6AMP has a new look. The old theme worked well, but I was tiring of it. The new WordPress theme is called Statement and is from Blogoh!Blog that I was happy to learn is now run by Jai Nischal Verma of Delhi.

The theme is clean and functional but easy on the eye. Migrating to the new theme required some work, but no major challenges. Had to figure out how to edit a psd file without having to buy Photoshop. GIMP did the trick.

I think I have everything working. Let me know if you find anything broken.


  1. Thirumalavasan GD says:

    Welcome change


  2. Basab,

    I like the change in L & F. It looks more sophosticated.

    However, some eyesores (may be for myself only) as compared to the previous ones:

    1. Your reply for the comments is not distinguished. I find the earlier one better. Is there any functionality available in this theme.

    2. I think it is your personal blog rather than professional. A photo in the parent page would be nice. It in the “about” page, though my take for that page is that – it delves deeper.


  3. Basab says:


    Thanks. Great feedback. The issue with comments that you point it is a problem that I had to accept in the trade-off. I have also being considering a specialized commenting platform like SezWho or Intense Debate. But am still not entirely happy with either.

    I have mixed feelings about having my photo on every page, like I earlier had. If I find a way to put it on the home page but not on the other pages, it might be worth considering.


  4. Shefaly says:


    This template has much smaller letters; the recent comments, which were easier to navigate in the earlier template, are now to be found through the tabs i.e. one extra click; I also agree with Satya that your replies need to be distinguishable although there are various ways to do that even in this template e.g. inserting replies below specific comments or replying to many comments in one go.

    Your photo, FWIW, was nice and candid. It lent a human touch to what can otherwise be a fairly serious, sometimes dry blog. You are one of the few CEOs blogging by themselves (not outsourcing it to their assistants, I mean) and I think that touch was a good PR tool. (And thanks to it, many can recognise you, hah!)

    My tuppence.


  5. Siddharth says:

    Basab, where did the reasoning that explained your blog name ‘6 AM Pacific’ go? Please consider adding it back. Thanks


  6. Basab says:


    It’s there in the ‘About’ section. The title begs the question for the first time reader who can go to the About section and get the answer. But it was wasted on my regular readers who already know.


  7. I like the bread crumbs on the top. But that’s pretty much all I liked.

    1. This theme is ‘cluttered’ (more in comparison) than the previous theme.
    1a. There’s so much less white space and more text visible in the landing view.
    1b. The black banner adds to this. (Search box somehow does not seem like search box)
    1c. Recent comments and Archives tabs add to the ‘clutter’ feeling because there’s text ‘inside’ and headings are written in caps. 😦

    2. Body text in this theme is smaller than it was in the previous theme.

    3. Icons spoil it more than adding to the website.
    3a. Calendar icon – it’s not visible unless you get close to the monitor
    3b. ‘Play’ bullet – I clicked on it thrice. It feels like something is going to play or its going to open downwards.

    3c. Browse icon beside the bread crumbs gives you a feeling that if you click on it, you will be able to get a folder list.

    Actually, I liked the previous theme so much, when I needed one for myself, I searched for a theme like that one. I considered at least 150 themes before selecting this one:

    I am not sure if you really liked this theme as much as this is one of the better ones available.


  8. Sachin says:

    Basab, it must be good, i will check it online, but yours truly almost always reads the blog on the handheld/pda inside of google reader. Just thought you’d like to know that some people dont see any difference between the two themes.


  9. Loved the new look. But can’t say the same about your picture – the old one had a punch & spontaneity that this one lacks. Your blogs and comments from others provide for an interesting read! Keep ’em coming. Would love to read your perspectives/ experience on sales, networking et al.


  10. Basab says:

    Another change – the blog now works with gravatars, which is how you see my mugshot next to every comment of mine. You can get one of your own at Based on your email address on the blog it will pull in your gravatar and display it.


  11. Basab,

    A very innovative approach – using your photo in comments. Never seen before anywhere 🙂 And what about your plans on having a serious commenting platform, would love to hear on it.

    Btw, not exactly relevant to your blog. Just wanted to share. Kalpana Dash becomes the first Oriya woman to beat Mt. Everest – (and I guess the 3rd Indian woman).



  12. Rajesh says:

    Hi Basab. Came to your blog afte almost one year. Sorry to say this but this one looks like an online journal now- a barely recognizable parody of the real thing. What happened to the blog, the personal touch?


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