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The week’s tweets

Week’s Tweets 2011-03-27

  • Ghalib quoted in Lok Sabha, pulling the quality of discourse several levels higher #
  • Apparently, my watching an India match does not always adversely affect the outcome. Will need to collect more data… #
  • Stunning! US corporate taxes fell from 30 percent of federal revenue in the mid-1950s to 6.6 percent in 2009. #fb #
  • I am seeing news a lot more in Google News. Is hyperlocal news the one defensible piece in the news business? #
  • Stupid, unsafe feature that thankfully doesn't work. | $23,000 App That Comes With a Car – #

Week’s Tweets 2011-03-20

  • Which Traits Predict Success? (The Importance of Grit) | Wired Science | – #
  • Beware! Speak Asia Online Pays Money For Filling Surveys – Legit or Scam? | Amit Agarwal – #
  • Donate to Red Cross or MSF but don’t donate money to Japan | Felix Salmon | #
  • Imagine if your ISP charged a fee on every email. Now imagine if financial payments attracted no fees | #
  • Seems like something useful will finally come out of all that Google Wave work. Looks interesting #
  • "Erase all traces of my memory" directive to Facebook. EU to force social network sites to enhance privacy via @guardian #
  • No-fly zones are for the birds | Roger Cohen – #

Week’s Tweets 2011-03-13

  • What ails Indian education | Miles To Go – | | #
  • Goody! “@RupaSubramanya: BBC World Service considers U-turn over Hindi cuts” #
  • Fareed Zakaria on Getting Back to #1 yesterday – Change cannot happen without changing the politics in the US. CNN video not up yet. #
  • Server Attention Span | xkcd | #
  • NPR should cut loose from federal funding | The Economist via @theeconomist #
  • Apparently they had tapes too, not just phone records | Tapes Will Reveal Gupta Tipped Rajaratanam – CNBC – #
  • Barnes & Noble cannot catch a break | ROI: The $200 Tablet Computer – – #
  • ditto “@vdehejia: Thanks to the NYT Google Chrome app, I've given up on most other newspapers. Sorry, folks. Time to get your act together.” #
  • Call center agents are your best marketing channel | ReadWriteWeb #
  • Miami finally wins and a big one. This one was Wade's. #
  • NPR Chrome app – pretty, promising but buggy. Doesn't seem like its been tested at all. #npr #fb #

Week’s Tweets 2011-03-06

Week’s Tweets 2011-02-27

  • "Their inability to focus turned out to be a creative advantage." That's why I'm not paying attention when u r talking #
  • Tricky Indian names | Razib Khan #
  • How can an unethical Indian press keep a dirty political class in check? #
  • Willow TV World Cup Cricket "coming soon" on Apple TV and Wii – the two platforms at su casa. #
  • Expressing your views on your own blog is giving way to doing that on Twitter and FB. True. | Blogs wane #
  • Why do people put a link in the subject line? Maybe they haven't received an email with a link that isn't clickable. #
  • Some link love from GigaOm for my post IBM's Watson – Welcoming our New Computer Overlord #
  • RIP Anant Pai. My children know Indian mythology because of ACK | Amar Chitra Katha creator dies at 81 – #
  • NYT app for Chrome Web is a delight. #
  • Can we do away with passport sized photos already? Children's soccer is the last bastion of photo paper. #

Week’s Tweets 2011-02-20

  • Competitor extracts pricing and deal info from SuccessFactors posing as a fake business. Matter in courts. #
  • J C Penney uses link farms to promote itself in search results? Wow! #
  • "You must catch them. Merely because a person is in the Forbes list…does not matter." says Supreme Court of India #
  • Wall Street raises $IBM EPS consensus. Watson brings in $35,734 from first day of Jeopardy challenge #
  • Fascinating. A part of Monday's Jeopardy show had to be retaped. #Watson #
  • Quora: Starbucks: What is the probability of getting the balance on your Starbucks car… Answer: #
  • Zinc – cure for common cold. Isn't it surprising that no pharma company is behind the research. #
  • For a change no mention of offshore eating jobs | Andy Kessler : Is Your Job an Endangered Species? #
  • Who could argue with logic like this? Glenn Beck on Google | #
  • “If you fight with violence, you are fighting with your enemy’s best weapon…" Gandhi influences Egypt thru Gene Sharp #
  • It requires immense resources of integrity and toughness to do what SEBI has done | Reliance ADAG consent order #
  • Rahman for another Oscar! | Dido and A.R. Rahman’s ‘If I Rise’ Video from 127 hours – WSJ #

Week’s Tweets 2011-02-13

  • Why is it baffling? | Surge of immigrants from India baffles border officials in Texas | #
  • Hollywood stars doing more commercials that they used to. Easy money. Something Bollywood discovered long ago. | Adrian Brody for Artois #
  • An ethical view of offshore outsourcing – Doing the Outsourcing – #
  • Must read for IT Services | @rwang0 on How Indian Infotech Companies Can Lead Instead Of Follow via @Irregulars #
  • Heartfelt, inspiring | Egypt activist Wael Ghonim tells TV station: 'I am no hero' – video via @guardian #
  • Why is core inflation (without food and fuel) called "core"? It's not core at all. In India food and fuel are core. #
  • Brilliant! | Change Is Good, But It’s Also Really Hard: Om Malik « #
  • Switzerland immediately froze the assets of the former president. (Mubarak) Can you do that? How about for Indian pols? #
  • Egyptian revolution. 18 days of ~ non-violent protests. Gandhi would have been proud. I hope US quickly restores cred with Egyptian people #
  • “We don’t make money off the customers mistakes, which is the way it should be,” #BankSimple #
  • After kissing everybody in Tahrir Sq Egyptians stay home with the flu for next 4 days. Army plot successful. #
  • “I personally take responsibility,” says Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon. You'd want to to hear this from more CEOs, no? #

Week’s Tweets 2011-02-06

  • They have one strategic consideration and that's Israel. | Egypt's revolution is sweet and peaceful | Comment is Free #
  • Remember the plastic cover in tatters on your Dad's Vespa that he wouldn't remove? | The iPhone ‘Condom’ Debate – #
  • The only known case where SMS spam has benefitted humanity | Dumb Luck – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan #
  • IIM Ahmedabad ranked 11th! That's amazing! Financial Times – Global MBA Rankings 2011 #
  • So say we all! | Of Egyptian Protests and Admiral Adama via @gizmodo #
  • CNN/CNBC talking Halle Berry's custody fight. Al Jazeera Live is crashing on OS X. CNBC anchor called Mubarak Musharraf. :( #WeWantOurAJE #
  • You can't stop a man who has something to say | Official Google Blog: #
  • US should start turning the screws on the military | Egypt Endgame | Marc Lynch #
  • Sniff, sniff. Smells like Microsoft | Apple Would Be Crazy to Block Use of Outside Content: Gigaom « #
  • Jains 1% of India, contrib 24% of taxes » {Brown Pundits} Jains and wealth #

Week’s Tweets 2011-01-30

  • This is what would happen to me if someone called and offered me the award of a lifetime. #
  • DNA Blogs – Abhay Vaidya – Why politicians build education trusts, not rural hospitals #
  • “@jonahlehrer: Where have all the geniuses gone?” Collaboration is no longer an option. #
  • If I Rise is quite good | Bollywood's A.R. Rahman nominated for two Oscars – The Bollywood Ticket #
  • IIM Ahmedabad ranked 85, only B School in India on the list | Economist | 2010 Full time MBA ranking #
  • Now to go and post this on Facebook | Facebook is for the herd | Gene Expression #
  • Apart from some institutionalized affirmative action admission to IITs is similar | Why Caltech Is in a Class by Itself #
  • Hawaii attempts to balance budget by fee on crazy people | AP: HI bill would give anyone Obama birth info for fee #
  • Really! China is blocking searches on Egypt on microblogging sites | Al Jazeera English: #

Week’s Tweets 2011-01-23