How Tech Savvy is Obama?

officialportraitThe 44th President of the United States was sworn in yesterday. A great speech was made ordinary by the high standards he has himself set and the even higher expectations of the public.

As the new President and his new cabinet swings into action to meet the challenges of this economic crisis that has no parallels since The Great Depression, we ask ourselves the all important question – does Obama have street cred in tech land? Since this blog’s audience is very tech savvy, I am sure they will want to know if the leader of the free world gets it, when it comes to tech.

The short answer is yes. By almost any measure, but certainly compared to any other President. Probably compared to most of the Congress as well.

Everybody who has followed his campaign knows how Obama used the internet to mobilize campaign funds and volunteers. Never has that kind of money been raised in a US election with no strings attached.

Then there’s his blackberry. Apparently, they are inseparable. There is even talk of amending the Presidential Records Act of 1978 to allow him to retain his blackberry in the White House.

His photos such as the one above, and all content on his website is all under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License which gives unfettered freedom for his photo to be published around the world on blogs such as these.

The Whitehouse website went live at 12:01, a minute after he officially became President. His entire agenda is up there for the scrutiny of the world.

And like most techies, he won’t wear his jacket a minute more than he has to!

Did I leave out anything that might co-opt him into the tech-savvy crowd?